A little craft. A little electronics.
A whole lot of awwwww! <3

I'm a Bright Bunny. We bunnies love carrots.
Feed me my carrot and my heart lights up!

Adopt your own Bright Bunny today!


Learn craft and electronics together

When you assemble your Bright Bunny you'll learn both craft and electronics skills.

With the step-by-step Bright Bunny guide you too can complete your own bunny—even if you don't have any experience with electronics or craft!

The Bright Bunny was specifically designed to teach people with no prior knowledge of electronics how to learn simple electronics.

You can learn (or teach!) how to combine electronics and craft the easy, safe and fun way with a Bright Bunny kit.


“Cute little project. I wanted to make something fast and it was perfect.”
— sygirl101


“A perfect project for me. I really loved making the Bright Bunny and styling her to suit my aesthetic.”
— Vicky


“I ordered one for my wife and she really liked the gift! Awesome project.”
— Chris


You can style your Bright Bunny to have exactly the look you want. Check out this gallery for inspiration:


    “Ballerina” by Vicky


    “Bunnies” by SparkFun-ians


    “Ballerina” by Vicky


    “Bunny” by Dia


    “Ballerina” by Vicky

  • Send your bunny portrait to gallery@thebrightbunny.com and we might include your wonderful creation in our gallery too!

A great gift

The Bright Bunny makes an ideal gift for (and from!) all kinds of people:

  • Your daughter or son
  • Crafters
  • Your wife or husband
  • Electronics enthusiasts
  • Mums or Dads
  • Uncles or Aunts
  • Makers of all types
(And, yes, you can always gift yourself one too. :) )

Share some of what you love and spend quality time building a Bright Bunny with the ones you love!

Purchase online

The Bright Bunny project kit is available exclusively online from SparkFun Electronics and its worldwide distributors. SparkFun is a well known online merchant, with a good reputation and they ship all over the world.

Every kit purchase from SparkFun Electronics supports Philip Lindsay the awesome creator of the Bright Bunny. :)

Buy your own Bright Bunny kit now!

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